Reservoir and Production Management

Maximise Your Asset's Potential

Our focus is on hydrocarbon recovery from new and existing oil and gas fields and we are involved in all stages of the asset’s lifecycle delivering project specific solutions.

Whatever the challenges are, we leverage on strategies that utilise new technology, engineering workflows, asset models, production and operations history and our professional experience to review and suggest performance improvements, streamline processes, reduce OPEX and increase profits.

All our services are provided using industry standard tools aligned with our expertise and experience to provide innovative solutions for you.

Our services include

Field Development Planning

Feasibility studies and Concept selection, Basis of design documentation and FEED studies, Field re-development and abandonment, Forecasting, costing and scheduling e.t.c.

Reservoir Characterisation and Static Modelling

Geologic, Geophysical and Petrophysical studies, Log and fluid data review, Static modelling including Facies description and 3D modelling of single and multilayered systems, Core data review, e.t.c.

Reservoir Engineering and Simulation

Fluid characterisation, Material balance and Reservoir simulation techniques for black and fully compositional fluid systems, Well test analysis, RCA and SCAL review, well placement review, forecasting, uncertainty analysis e.t.c.

Production Technology

Wellbore hydraulics/Flow performance analysis, Completion design, Sand control and management, Well operating envelopes, Well stimulation, Artificial lift, reservoir monitoring – oil field tracers, flow assurance – wax mitigation, hydrates and new technology, Production Optimisation and Integrated Asset Modelling (IAM) e.t.c.

We have expert knowledge of the following tools used to deliver sound technical analyses:

  • The Kingdom Suite – Seismic Interpretation and Well Data Analysis
  • Petrel – 3D Geological Modelling
  • Eclipse Black Oil and Multi component – Reservoir Modelling
  • PVTi, PVTp – Petroleum Fluid Modelling
  • GS Petrophysics – Petrophysical and Well Log Analysis
  • IPM Suite- PROSPER, MBAL, GAP, RESOLVE, REVEAL, IFM – Production Optimisation
  • Ecrin, Interpret – Well Test and Production Analysis
  • Crystal Ball – Probabilistic Assessment

Flow Assurance

Well and pipeline flow hydraulics and thermal analysis, hydrates, wax and scale phase behaviour and prediction, mechanical integrity analysis, operating condition changes e.t.c.

Reserves Management 

Detailed reserves tracking, reconcilliation and reporting using petroleum engineering and other technical analyses aligned with economic and accounting data.

Petroleum Economics

Bespoke and thorough economic advice using economic tools to perform economic evaluation and fiscal modelling, tax and royalties, Investments and divestment analysis and Risk and uncertainty analysis.