Wireless Asset Integrity Solutions

Improve Safety, Production and Extend Asset Life!

A key aspect to achieving production optimization and asset integrity objectives lies in availability of real-time field data for which adequate instrumentation is key. This has made subsea digitalisation a major focus for offshore operators as they look to understand their field operations through real-time data analysis.

Working in partnership with WFS Technologies, our unique wireless products –  Seatooth® and ExtremeEdge® allow for on-line monitoring of remote swamp and offshore subsea and platform structures thereby providing real time information to optimise the asset operations.

We integrate best-in-class sensors with Seatooth® wireless controllers to deliver retrofit Asset Integrity and Flow Assurance solutions saving cost of conventional hard-wired systems.

Our services include

Asset Integrity Monitoring

A range of wireless asset and structural integrity monitoring solutions to provide real-time insight into the condition of subsea infrastructure. This includes but not limited to ultrasonic thickness and crack detection, Temperature monitoring, Cathodic protection, Flooded member detection, Motion and strain measurements etc.

Pipeline Pre-commissioning solutions

Seatooth® WiPS is a subsea wireless pressure monitoring system for use on pipelines, risers, manifolds and hydraulic control lines. It incorporates high quality sensors to measure process pressure and seawater temperature, a datalogger and a display. Information is wirelessly retrieved by a ROV or diver. It is a cost effective alternative to remote data loggers for pipeline pre-commissioning.

Flow Assurance Monitoring

Improved Asset Integrity Management with subsea wireless SCADA WFS uses best-in-class sensors integrated with Seatooth® controllers to target production bottlenecks. Our solutions are used for process characterisation and production optimisation. These include pressure, temperature and flow monitoring, leak detection etc.

Environmental Monitoring

Offshore environmental monitoring is becoming an increasing focus as agencies try to understand climate change on world oceans.  We can monitor a wide range of parameters which includes bio-monitoring, oxygen, nutrients, oils etc. using Seatooth subsea sensors with ExtremeEdge® analytics.

Nigeria Case Study - Retrofit Xmas Tree Sensor